Github | Authentication failed..?

2 min readNov 23, 2020

Looks like you have just pulled in a new repository in your machine but could not use any of git commands ?

To make it work all we have to do is get a token from Github and use it from your terminal. Let’s see how we can do that ?

First navigate to your Github account then follow these:

  • Go to your account settings:
  • Then developer settings:
  • Then Personal Access Token and Generate new token:
  • Then in Note just enter the purpose of the token and select all or applicable scope (“repo” is enough for pull and push) and Generate Token. That’s it!!

Make sure to copy the access token before moving away from the page, it won’t show up again. Also you can enable SSO for newly generated access tokens if your organisation has any.

Back in the terminal you can use your Personal Access Token as password during the authentication.

Happy Coding :)